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Fresno County Settles Suit, Boosts Public Input Into Juvenile Justice Plan


Fresno County Settles Suit, Boosts Public Input Into Juvenile Justice Plan

Child advocates and Fresno County have reached a prompt settlement in a lawsuit over allegations that the California county was not adequately including the community in developing its juvenile justice realignment plan.

California Budget Plan Supports Shifting Youth from State Prisons to Juvenile Halls, Amid Opposition


Juvenile Justice Realignment Lawsuit: California County Violating State’s Open Government Law

Legal advocates for California’s juvenile justice-involved youth have filed a lawsuit against Fresno County for not welcoming public input in developing local plans for youth justice.

Can California change its treatment of kids in crisis?


Stranded in the ER: Can California Change its Treatment of Kids in Crisis?

As a crisis unfolds in California's emergency rooms, a controversial bill that aims to help children is awaiting Gov. Gavin Newsom's signature.


California Bans Out-of-State Treatment Programs After Reporters Investigate Abuse

California has banned the practice of sending foster youth and teens charged with crimes to faraway residential treatment programs, following an investigation by The Imprint.

out-of-state residential facilities


California Lawmakers Consider Permanent Ban on Sending Youth to Out-of-State Treatment Centers

Legislation pending in the California Legislature would permanently bar child welfare and juvenile justice authorities from sending troubled youth to out-of-state residential facilities.


Report: As California Closes Juvenile Lockups, Counties Fail to Support Intended Rehabilitation

Ventura County Juvenile Facilities Complex. Photo courtesy of Ventura County Probation Department
As California prepares for a major shake-up of its juvenile justice system, a new report suggests that counties are increasingly relying on jail-like juvenile halls to hold youth for long periods of time on indeterminate sentences.


    Advocates Propose New Deal-style Assistance for Transitional Foster Youth

    California lawmakers may have helped older foster youth from some of the immediate ravages of the coronavirus pandemic in the state’s recently passed budget, but the San Francisco-based Youth Law Center says it’s time to look forward and start planning now for long-term recovery strategies.


    California Considers Extending Foster Care Supports for Youth Following Advocates’ Appeal for COVID-19 Relief

    In an urgent appeal to the governor and the California state legislature on behalf of the state’s 60,000 children and young adults in foster care, a group of leading advocates is calling for sweeping new measures to ward off devastating impacts from the spread of coronavirus.


    Most Foster Youth Can’t Afford Extracurriculars. California Might Pick Up the Tab.

    Latrice Ventura, a 23-year-old former foster youth in Los Angeles, participated in a number of extracurricular programs growing up and said they were instrumental in her development. “Each one has taught me something different,” Ventura told The Imprint, listing modeling classes and arts programs as some of her favorites.