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Los Angeles County Continues to Develop a Plan to Deter Juvenile Incarceration


Los Angeles Seeks to Delay Sweeping Juvenile Justice Reform Plan

Los Angeles County officials this week committed to a scaled-back version of the Youth Justice Reimagined Plan, a sweeping proposal to transform its juvenile justice system.


Plan to Transform L.A. County’s Youth Justice System Hits a Snag

Five months after Los Angeles embraced a sweeping plan to reform its juvenile justice system, the county’s chief executive officer announced funding would not be included in her proposed budget for next year, angering many youth advocates.


California Juvenile Justice Bills Sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Desk

Assembly Bill 901 would prevent probation officers in California from working with youth in voluntary probation programs that include contracts or mandatory conditions. Photo courtesy of SBX Youth and Family Services.


In Los Angeles, Demands for Youth Development Take on New Urgency

For young people like Zahria Thomas, schools are too often places where black and brown youth are seen as threats, not as students. When she was 16, the Inglewood resident was arrested at her Los Angeles high school, in front of her classmates, after she responded angrily to a teacher’s racist remark.


Outrage Over Looting Misses Point, Young People in Los Angeles Say

Eight years after her 14-year-old cousin was shot and killed by law enforcement during a mental health crisis, Los Angeles youth activist E.V. is closely watching the protests against police brutality that have now gripped every major American city. 


Activists Take to the Streets in Cars, Escalating Efforts to Free Incarcerated Youth

Blasting cumbia from car speakers and chanting “detention is deadly!” and “care not cages!” a parade of more than 100 cars, vans and trucks circled downtown Los Angeles’ criminal justice nerve center Tuesday afternoon to draw attention to the perilous conditions of incarcerated youth.


    Juvenile Justice Systems Wrestle with How to Shrink the Number of Youth in Lock-Up as Pandemic Intensifies

    After advocates pressed Los Angeles County health officials, the Department of Public Health will now inspect juvenile detention facilities administered by the county’s Probation Department. As health concerns for youth in detention mount, advocates in L.A.


    L.A.’s Probation Offices Close as Advocates Urge Department to Lower Use of Lockup

    The Los Angeles County Probation Department announced on Tuesday that it would shutter all probation offices, close down juvenile detention facilities and consider ways to lower new entries in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


    Los Angeles County Creates Its First Ever Youth Commission

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to create the county’s first Youth Commission, answering long-standing calls from youth advocates to give young people a seat at the table shaping policies and programs that impact their lives.