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The Hidden Homeless: Exploring the Impact of Housing Inequality on Young Adults

Dr. Mauriell Amechi writes about the impact of housing inequality on young adults, especially those who experience foster care

California’s Juvenile Detention Facilities are Cages for “Problematic” Kids


Living in my Tin Can

I was living in my car so I could stay at my high school. Insecurities about homelessness kept me from asking for help, writes Kristel Cosio.

Children Should Not Be Incarcerated


Failed by the Juvenile Justice and Foster Care Systems

Systems-impacted youth and foster youth deserve to have their needs met. They also deserve love, happiness, and joy, writes Spring Keosoupha.

More Than an Exception or No More Exceptions


More Than an Exception or No More Exceptions

If failing is the expectation, what was the whole point of removing us from our family?, writes Aleta Smith.

David Ambroz, author of the new memoir "A Placed Called Home"


A New Memoir Shares Lessons of a Boy Raised Homeless and in Foster Care

David Ambroz, who spent some of his childhood homeless and in foster care, has written a memoir, which will be released this month. Photo courtesy of Ambroz.
Growing up in the late 1980s and early ’90s, David Ambroz and two older siblings slept in New York City’s Grand Central Station and other public places along the eastern seaboard.

Access to Technology and Lack Thereof: Disenfranchisement in a Digital Age


Is Transitional Housing for Me?

When young and vulnerable populations don't have access to stable housing, they are exposed to additional dangers, writes Olivia Valdovinos.

    How to Break Past Trauma of Foster Care


    Where I am from

    Ashley Calderon writes in this poem about what she identifies as her origin and home after experiencing homelessness.

    Grieving the Loss of Housing and My Mother While Navigating College as a Foster Youth


    Grieving the Loss of Housing and My Mother While Navigating College as a Foster Youth

    Walking in your truth will give you the motivation and determination to get your college degree, writes Esther Taylor.

    Kids with Disabilities Deserve Adoptions with Loving Foster Families


    The High Cost of Life After Foster Care

    Even if one does not attend traditional college, there are other options available for youth exiting foster care, writes Kiana Deane.