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Youth Justice Activist, Leader Missing in Ohio

This morning, Youth First, a national organization that assists state and local justice campaigns, has issued a notice that one of its youth activists and leaders in Ohio is missing. Amber Evans has been missing since Monday and authorities are looking for leads in her disappearance.

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Youth First’s Playbook for Closing Juvenile Justice Prisons

Youth First has published “Breaking Down the Walls,” a report that provide advice about campaigning to close youth prisons based on efforts that have already yielded results in the District of Columbia and five states: Calif.,

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Reading Between the Lines, Justice Dept. Supports Closing Juvenile Prisons

She didn’t provide the kind of neatly-wrapped, unequivocal stuff of memes. But Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason, facing unemployment in a few months, essentially threw Justice Department support behind the movement to eliminate large juvenile justice facilities in the United States.

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Lessons for Advocates from Youth First Poll on Juvenile Justice

Last week, we mentioned a new poll on Americans’ attitudes about juvenile justice, released by the Youth First Initiative as part of its official grand opening of sorts. We called it a “great resource for reform-minded juvenile justice advocates,” and that is true.

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Youth First Initiative Makes Itself Known

Youth Services Insider received a recent press release noting that March 3 was the launch of a new campaign called Youth First, an organization led by Liz Ryan that will focus on the closure of big and/or old youth prisons.


Positive Youth Justice, Part Two: Community Works, Oakland, Calif.

A few weeks ago, The Imprint began “Positive Youth Justice: Curbing Crime, Building Assets,” a series that imagines an entire continuum of juvenile justice services built on the positive youth development framework.