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Be Honest, But Encouraging, with New Child Welfare Workers

After two previous columns on workforce, I have a few final thoughts on how we can recruit talented, committed team members. Though schools of social work were once a source of training and mentoring for aspiring child welfare professionals, some professors are encouraging their students to steer clear of what they perceive as the toxic work. 

Jessica Pryce


Time to End the CPS Power Trip

Jessica Pryce on the need to train the next child welfare workers on a shared power dynamic when it comes to engaging families


Turnover at Private New York Child Welfare Agencies Reaches ‘Jarring’ Levels, Directors Say 

Staff turnover at private agencies that care for NY children and families has reached crisis levels, new data indicates.


Workforce Capacity Issues Aren’t Going Away. It’s Time to Plan Accordingly

Kelly Harder argues that instead of hand wringing about turnover, it's time to accept it and adjust

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Child Welfare Workers Can’t Learn from History if It Isn’t Taught

Paul DiLorenzo writes about the lack of effort to educate the modern child welfare workforce about the history preceding them

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A Child Welfare New Year’s Resolution: Act with Urgency

For child welfare to better serve the behavioral health needs of kids in out-of-home care, we need to enact various solutions.


    The Sounding Board

    Dee Wilson and Toni Sebastian explore root causes for the alarming rates of turnover and job vacancies in child welfare

    California Invests in Apprenticeships for Young Adults Leaving Foster Care and Probation


    California Invests in Apprenticeships for Young Adults Leaving Foster Care and Probation

    Apprenticeships offer a pathway to stable careers, and California is supporting the expansion of programs for vulnerable young adults.

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    Social Work Supervisors Are Key to Stable Workforce

    Supervision is the heartbeat of a child welfare agency and in many places, it is on life support. It used to be one of the strongest pillars of our profession, but in recent years the supervisory role has found itself looking for a clear purpose or relevance to our goals of improvement and transformation.