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Men and Boys of Color Are Philanthropic Priority with Good Reason

I was disappointed to read Kiersten Marek’s recent column in The Imprint. In it, she complains that the “movement and infrastructure for funding of initiatives for men and boys of color far outpace the support for women and girls of color.”


Website for Parenting Teens in Foster Care:

Through the work of Public Counsel and the Alliance for Children’s Rights, pregnant and parenting foster teens have a new resource. The website,, is the first of its kind, covering the specific needs of foster youth making the transition from child to parent.


Child Trafficking Victims Fall Prey To Partisan Divisiveness

Upon hearing the term “human trafficking,” most Americans envision foreign nationals who have been smuggled into the United States to engage in sex work within our borders. While this situation is common and grave, it is important for Americans to know that the trafficking of American citizens is on the rise right here at home.


To End Violence Against Women, End Violence Against Boys

By Sheena Vasani  In her quest to achieve some semblance of justice in the world and in her own life, abuse survivor Rachael Kay Albers angrily sought refuge in feminism. Until one day, she noticed an irony: In her aggressive approach to fighting for a more humane world, she was becoming like her abuser.


Stopping the Girls to Prison Pipeline

I was sitting in a sweltering California courtroom, serving as an expert witness on an adult case, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a tiny girl, fully shackled, walking down the courtroom aisle beside me.


The Controversial, Emerging Notion of Prison Nurseries

by Chhaya Nene Imagine a young woman sitting in court, head pressed between her hands. She closes her eyes and hears the words, “guilty.” As the young woman looks down, the words sink in.


    Gender-Responsive Probation for Girls? Numbers Don’t Support It So Far

    In October, The Imprint covered a briefing by advocates for girls in the juvenile justice system for Congressional staffers, where a report was released on the subject by the Georgetown Center on Poverty Inequality and Public Policy.