Amberly Sanchez. ProPublica photographed mothers in Albuquerque and spoke with them about their experiences with the child support requirements of New Mexico’s cash assistance program. “You feel threatened. When you’re on that phone call and they’re talking to you, you feel like less than,” Sanchez said of the application process. These Single Moms Are Forced to Choose: Reveal Their Sexual Histories or Forfeit Welfare


These Single Moms Are Forced to Choose: Reveal Their Sexual Histories or Forfeit Welfare

Almost every parent who applies for federal welfare assistance, who in a large majority of cases is a single mother, must divulge everything she knows about the biological father of her children.


It’s Time For An Antiracist Welfare Policy

President Biden’s American Rescue Plan expands the Child Tax Credit to as much as $3,600 per child for 2021. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) offered an alternative that went further, proposing a permanent monthly cash allowance — rather than a tax credit — of up to $350 for each child. 

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New Governors Start Appointing Child Welfare Leadership (UPDATED)

Since January, several new governors have hit the ground running with new leadership to oversee family services, maltreatment prevention, foster care and adoption. Here are a the states where new directors have already been announced for those spots.


Nebraska Honored for its Proactive Approach to Reaching Families Early

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) was honored this month by a state charity for its efforts to proactively help low-income families access state benefits. DHHS was the recipient of the Compassion in Action Award, given out each year by the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach Center (MTKO), a Lincoln-based nonprofit with a mission to prevent hunger and homeless.

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Trump Taps Elizabeth Darling to Lead Administration on Children, Youth, and Families

President Trump has announced that Elizabeth Darling is his choice to serve as the commissioner of the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families (ACYF), one of the top child welfare jobs at the U.S.

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Trump HHS Hires Include Many Dubya Vets

The Trump administration has been slow to nominate people to the top tiers of leadership that require Senate confirmation. But at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), it has begun to plug in some new hires among agencies serving youth and families.

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    TANF Cash Assistance to Families Plummets, But Program Remains Consistent Funder of Child Welfare

    The website FiveThirtyEight, best known for its political prognosticating, has an interesting look today on how things have changed since the country overhauled welfare assistance in 1996. In a deal reached between President Bill Clinton and Republican leadership, the very federal Aid to Families with Dependent Children was replaced with the very state-controlled Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).


    With Foster Care Entitlement, Swapping AFDC for TANF Might Not Have the Intended Impact

    Last week, the Chronicle ran the first in a series of stories describing how the federal government pays for child welfare; and the movement afoot to reform foster care financing. Federal dollars only flow out of the Title IV-E entitlement for youths whose birth families would have qualified for financial assistance in 1996 under the now-defunct welfare program: Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC).


    Reforming IV-E, Part One: The Friendless Eligibility Rules

    Rewriting the rules on the lion’s share of federal foster care money – the Title IV-E entitlement – is hardly a fresh notion. Legislators have undertaken more than a dozen attempts to re-formulate IV-E, which includes 90 percent of the federal spending on child welfare, but precludes states from using that money for anything but foster care.