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Partnership Aims to Strengthen Network of American Indian, African-American Kinship Caregivers

As more and more grandparents step up to parent grandchildren, especially in the wake of the current opioid crisis, several organizations are teaming up to create a unique voice and education opportunity for American Indian and African American caregivers.


A Grantseeker’s Guide to Early Childhood Education Funders

Times are tough for early childhood education funding, and over the next ten years, they may get even tougher. According to the Urban Institute’s 2015 report, Kids Share 2015, only 10 percent of all government funding goes to children.


Who’s Funding Philanthropy for Boys and Men of Color (and What About Women and Girls?)

It was just last November when the Obama Administration released a report highlighting the need for more investment in support for girls and women of color. At the same time, the White House was responding to criticism that there was no corresponding effort for women to “My Brother’s Keeper,” the Obama initiative for boys and men of color.


W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Mid/Late Year Grants 2013

W.K. Kellogg foundation Battle Creek, Mich. Children and Youth Grants: Mid/Late Year 2013 Media Mobilizing Project, Philadelphia, $155,716 over twenty five months to promote the civic participation and leadership of low-income youths and families by providing technology-awareness, digital, Internet, and media-literacy training.