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Bill Prioritizes Placing Incarcerated Parents Close to Children

The 80,000 children of New York state whose parents are locked up in distant state correctional institutions might have an easier time visiting mom or dad under a bill sitting on Gov.


Arresting a 7-Year-Old For Delinquency? New York Lawmakers Say No More

Many parents don’t let their elementary school-age children leave the house alone. But under New York law, children as young as 7 can be handcuffed, tried for delinquency and locked up – at times with teenagers twice their size. 


New York Adoptees Rush to Request Birth Certificates, After Years of Blocked Access

New York City and state were inundated by requests from adoptees seeking their original birth certificates this week, as a new law went into effect granting unrestricted access for the first time in more than 80 years.

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New York Governor Cuomo Vetoes Bill to Limit State’s Abuse and Neglect Registry

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) vetoed legislation late last week that would have expanded due process safeguards for parents accused of abusing or neglecting their children. The bill would have significantly reduced the time parents’ names must remain on a state database of child abuse and neglect claims.

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New York Expands Eligibility for Kin Who Want to Foster Children

When caseworkers remove children from their homes and place them into foster care, it can be jarring and traumatic. A new law in New York aims to ease the transition by enabling a wider circle of family members and even non-relatives to become the kids’ foster parents.

With Influx of Federal Funding, New York Aims to Expand Foster Care Prevention


Child Welfare Reform Advocates Achieve Historic Policy Victories in New York

Amid tired lawmakers reportedly flinging rubber bands back and forth, New York’s Senate and Assembly passed a major two-pronged reform to the child welfare system before the end of a frenzied 2019 legislative session last week.