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Foster Parents are Essential Workers and Should Not Be Overlooked

After a long year of fear, loss and traumatic uncertainty, the availability of vaccines protecting against COVID-19 is a welcome, necessary relief. Health care workers, teachers and the elderly have been rightly prioritized for access, but many vulnerable people are still waiting for eligibility.

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California Foster Parents Win Vaccine Eligibility, As Fight Continues in New York

California foster parents are getting some long-awaited relief in the form of priority eligibility for coronavirus vaccines. The most populous state appears to be leading the nation in offering vaccines to these caregivers: Across the country in New York, foster parents have yet to be prioritized, and there are few indications that they are being prioritized elsewhere.

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Confusion Among State Agencies Delays Vaccines for New York Foster Youth In Congregate Care

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Vulnerable teens and young adults living in New York group homes have apparently been eligible for vaccination against the coronavirus for as long as two months — but conflicting guidance and miscommunications between state agencies meant many providers didn’t know their residents could sign up until this week. 


With Frontline Workers Refusing Vaccination, Youth Residential Facilities Consider Future Mandates

Requiring vaccination for employment is a thorny issue that is sure to be debated in many industries once supply of the jabs ramps up. Child welfare will be one of them.