Vaccination Rates in Louisiana’s Crowded Juvenile Lockups Concern Advocates


Vaccination Rates in Louisiana’s Crowded Juvenile Lockups Concern Advocates

With just 1 in 4 of Louisiana’s incarcerated youth fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, children’s advocates say the state should do more to protect them, as the more transmissible delta variant spreads.

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Confusion Among State Agencies Delays Vaccines for New York Foster Youth In Congregate Care

Doctor drawing up Covid-19 vaccine from glass phial bottle and filling syringe injection for vaccination.
Vulnerable teens and young adults living in New York group homes have apparently been eligible for vaccination against the coronavirus for as long as two months — but conflicting guidance and miscommunications between state agencies meant many providers didn’t know their residents could sign up until this week. 

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Children’s Residential Centers Scramble to Secure Vaccines for Frontline Staff

The chaotic rollout of coronavirus vaccines has left tens of thousands of workers who care for children living in residential settings scrambling for protection.


Connecticut Child Welfare Agency Cannot Vaccinate Children Without Parental Consent

On Tuesday, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) cannot vaccinate children in its temporary custody without parental consent. Though emergency medical treatment can still be provided by DCF, the court ruled that parents have a right to continue making medical decisions for their children, even when they are in the custody of the state.