Abolition Movement is Right on Racism, But Not on Parsing Abuse and Neglect

On Jan. 13, federal authorities carried out the execution of Lisa Montgomery, who was convicted in 2007 of killing Bobbie Jo Stinnett. Stinnett was pregnant, but her baby survived the brutal attack.

Child Welfare Leaders Forge National Child Safety Partnership


What It Means to Abolish Child Welfare As We Know It

A family holding hands. Photo courtesy of Center for the Study of Social Policy
The trauma and harm to families and communities caused by intrusive child welfare system interventions is well documented by multiple sources – to the degree that many argue the system can be more accurately viewed as the family policing system, family regulation system, or foster care industrial complex.


Rising Voices For ‘Family Power’ Seek to Abolish The Child Welfare System

When a young pregnant mom informed her prenatal care providers that she had smoked marijuana to relieve stress, nausea and poor appetite, they didn’t seem concerned. But after the birth of her son a few years ago in a Bronx hospital, a test of the baby’s urine came back positive for cannabis, and the hospital quickly called child welfare authorities.


Now Is the Time for Abolition

Black children are over-surveilled, over-policed and over-removed by the child welfare system. Once involved in this system, the trauma and harm that results from foster care causes irreparable damage to Black children, and serve as a source of their ongoing and continued oppression.