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After Experiencing Abuse, Safety Can Become a Contradiction


After Experiencing Abuse, Safety can Become a Contradiction

I feel safe when I am with those close to me. But, the comfort they provide is fleeting because I am constantly on guard, writes Luna Busch.

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University of California Foster Students Organize to Demand Better Treatment on Campus

A group of foster youth attending the University of California has called for additional on-campus resources to address their barriers in higher education.


CNN Hero Taps Online Donor Network to Support a Former Foster Youth Battling Kidney Disease

In early March, Miriam Yarde started a GoFundMe page to raise $10,000 for the medical bills and living costs that will arise when she receives a life-saving kidney transplant. Less than two months later, the 24-year-old former foster youth and University of California-Berkeley graduate has almost reached her mark on the crowd-sourced fundraising page, and has boosted her goal to $20,000.


From Juvie to Juvenile Law: Frankie Guzman’s Unlikely Journey

In 1995, when Frankie Guzman was 15, living in the impoverished community of La Colonia in the city of Oxnard, California, his older friend came to his house to ask for a favor.


Pennsylvania County Leads in Use of Big Data to Stem Child Abuse, Probes Ethics First

Computer algorithms guide our decisions in big ways and small. They nudge us to buy a particular blender on Amazon and tailor ads to our interests on our Facebook pages, but also seek to reduce repeat domestic violence arrests and assess risk during criminal sentence proceedings.

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In Texas, Citizenship Not a Factor in Latino Adoptions

Between 2000 and 2010, Texas saw its youth population grow by one million. In the same time frame, the state’s youth population went from 40.5 percent Latino to 48.3 percent. Basic logic would suggest that the state’s child welfare system would undergo a similar shift in demographics, and the number of Latino children in the system and up for adoption would swell.


    How Foster Care Support Can Boost Mental Health When Life-Skills Classes Are Not Enough

    By Darian Woods New research suggests that supporting foster youths’ transition to adulthood is important to protect against mental illness. Help navigating the administration of life, such as how to buy health insurance, balance a checkbook or prepare for a job interview may be associated with stronger mental health decades later.


    Economic Mobility Study Raises Distressing Questions about Child Welfare

    By Andrea Flores While the release of a landmark study on income mobility earlier this year set the news media abuzz with stories about inequality, there was scant mention of children involved with the child welfare system, for whom moving up the economic ladder is uniquely challenging.