Colorado Considers a Raise the Age Youth Justice Bill


UNICEF Calls for End to Juvenile Detention

One of the world’s best-known social welfare organizations, UNICEF, released two reports to make the case for nations to stop incarcerating children.


Too Young to Say ‘I Do’

This summer, Virginia lawmakers passed a law preventing anyone under the age of 16 from marrying in the state. Some would call this progress, but advocates fighting to end child marriage in the United States see it as a sobering reminder that adults can legally marry children in all 50 states.

Photo: BBC


Danger Every Step of the Way: A Harrowing Journey to Europe for Refugee and Migrant Children

From June 14, 2016, UNICEF press release entitled “If you try to run, they shoot you; if you stop working they beat you. It was just like the slave trade.” More than 9 out of 10 refugee and migrant children arriving in Europe this year through Italy are unaccompanied, prompting UNICEF to warn of the growing threats of abuse, exploitation and death facing them.


Why Are Child Welfare Advocates Sabotaging Data-Driven Efforts to Protect Children?

Of all the social challenges the public sector works to overcome, ensuring the wellbeing of children is undoubtedly among the most important. Consider that in 2014, 702,000 children were abused or neglected in the United States and 1,580 children died as a result.


Annie E. Casey Pres. Patrick McCarthy discusses Kids Count

On June 24th, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released its Kids Count Data Book, which tracks national and state data on key indicators of children’s well being. Over the past 24 years Kid’s Count and its revelations about the economic well being of families, education, health and the communities where children live have been followed by a mushrooming of media attention.