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Washington, D.C., Pilot Gives $500 Per Month to Black Mothers with CPS Cases


What’s in the 2022 Federal Spending Deal for Children and Families

The federal spending plan for 2022 is a $1.5 trillion package with billions slated for child welfare, youth justice and family homelessness.


Foster Mom Reflects on Six Years Caring for More Than 100 Central American Children

The Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) program began in 2003 as part of a recognition by both political parties that when children arrived alone at our border, often in search of safety from circumstances back home, they warranted special protection.


Neither Safe Nor Sound: Unaccompanied Children of the English Channel and the North Sea

From June 16, 2016, UNICEF press release entitled “Neither safe nor sound”: Sexual exploitation, trafficking and abuse engulfing the lives of children in the camps of Calais and Dunkirk”. Children experience sexual exploitation, violence and forced labour on a daily basis in the camps of Northern France, according to the findings of Neither Safe Nor Sound, a new UNICEF France and UNICEF UK study.


Door of Hope Unites Latino Children with Migrant Parents at U.S. Border

Imagine you are a five-year-old child and you are unable to hug your mom or dad. A wall divides you from their warm embrace. Never again are you to feel their touch or have the daily experience of their love.

Kevin Campbell


U.S. Foster Care for Syrian Children: One Family’s Blessing, Another Family’s Loss 

I am reminded from time to time about how responsive and compassionate the American people can be by reading stories like the one recently published by The Imprint about the opening of the American foster care system to Syrian children.