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Young People Deserve a Second Chance

In California, young people increasingly are being treated as adults by the justice system. I was one of them. When I was 14, my friends and I got into a fight with a man in my hometown of Watsonville, California.


Foster Parents Met with Misinformation and Disorganization

Thomas leans over his computer putting the final touches on 40 hours of paperwork that encapsulates weeks of thoughtful dialog with his partner, Brett.* Finally, they have completed their applications to become foster parents.


Clinicians Don’t Deviate from Protocol By Providing Supplemental Services

I want to respond to the recent Chronicle of Social Change article about Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). I think the article misses an important point, which is that the Training, Intervention, Education and Services for Families (TIES) clinicians, while making small adjustments in the way they provide PCIT to fit the needs of their different adoptive families, are not “adapting” the PCIT model.


Deviating from Protocol: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Adoptive Families

Six-year-old Emma’s* blue eyes light up when Evy Ezpinoza, her therapist, walks through the door. The little girl and her adoptive mother sit side-by-side at a table in a playroom where their parent-child interaction therapy session is coming to a close.


UC Davis Program Offers Unique Support to Former Foster Youth

By Anna Maier The first time Alyssa Heckmann applied to law school, she experienced a series of wait lists and rejections. “I was so heartbroken, I took it personally,” Heckmann said.


The Unlikely Journey of Sandi Redenbach

By Lin Weaver As I began this radio interview — which you can listen to — with  Sandi Redenbach, I immediately found myself thinking: Intelligence, resilience, passion for life, love of people, generosity, good humor.  


    Profiles in Foster Courage: Dr. Claire Pomeroy

    By Lin Weaver This is the first in a series of radio interviews dedicated to extraordinary individuals whose early life was spent in foster care. Years in foster care taught Dr.