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iFoster’s Reid Cox Receives AARP’s Purpose Prize

When Reid and Serita Cox started iFoster about seven years ago, they wanted to provide resources and support for the foster care community. That original vision and purpose is now being recognized by AARP’s Purpose Prize, an award given to “extraordinary individuals who use their life experience to make a better future for all,” according to AARP’s website.


Nonprofit Helps Foster Youth Swap Garbage Bags for Suitcases

Those who have spent time in foster care frequently mention having their belongings hastily shoved into garbage bags when they were suddenly moved from one home to another. In an effort to ensure that children and youth in foster care don’t have to bear the humiliation of transporting their only possessions in plastic bags, nonprofit organizations like Treehouse Foundation are using suitcase initiatives where donations are used to buy sturdy luggage instead.


‘Kindred Spirits’ Take Intergenerational Communities for Foster Youth West

It was 2006, and in California Beth Fraker watched a recent episode of Dr. Phil recommended to her by a coworker. The show featured Judy Cockerton, founder of the Treehouse Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving the child welfare system and promoting public investment in the nation’s most vulnerable children.


Judy Cockerton: Transforming Foster Care in America, One Community at a Time

Judy Cockerton greets me with a big grin, arms open wide. Cockerton is the founder of the Treehouse Foundation, an organization seeking to impact child welfare practice and promote investment in the nation’s foster and adopted youth through the development of effective programs and practices.