Six Honored by Casey’s 2020 Excellence for Children Awards

The Seattle-based Casey Family Programs has awarded six people with an Excellence for Children Award, an honor given out each year by the foundation to recognize “exceptional work and advocacy for children and families impacted by the child welfare system.”


Achieving Normalcy is Hard, But These Programs Can Help

We think all the time about the major traumas that impact the  youth in our care — their removal from families, the abuse and neglect they may have experienced, and the uncertainty and cyclical upheavals that too often dominate their lives.


Statewide Expansion for Washington Program to Boost Graduation Rates of Foster Youth

Seattle-based nonprofit Treehouse is planning to scale up its program to boost the high school graduation rates of foster youth in Washington over the next five years. Treehouse’s Graduation Success program matches “education specialists” with foster youth in high schools.


Educational Specialists Boost Foster Youth Achievement in Washington State

Washington state-based foster youth support agency Treehouse just released their recent Semester 1 Report Card, which illustrates the current state of their “Graduation Success” program, noting specifically the increase in course performance for foster youth participants.


Washington State Approves Educational Representatives for Foster Youth

By: Justin Pye In Washington State, foster care advocates aligned with state representatives to pass a bill ensuring foster youth have a designated educational representative. “Every one of use who’s had any kind of success in our lives’ had somebody watching out for us,” Janis Avery, CEO of Treehouse, a Seattle-based non-profit focused on improving educational outcomes for foster youth, said.


Foster Youth Caucus goes to Seattle

By: Justin Pye Last month, the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth held its fifth Listening Tour in Seattle, WA. The visit, including Caucus co-founders Reps. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) and Jim McDermott (D-Wash.)