How to Break Past Trauma of Foster Care


How to Break Past Trauma

A world without foster care would not have so many children growing up with self-doubt like myself, writes Ashley Calderon.

child welfare work celebrated


Creating Space for the Pain — and Joy — of Child Welfare Work

Leaders in the child welfare legal world should foster a work culture where joy and pain can co-exist, writes Vivek Sankaran.

child welfare work celebrated


When Foster Youth Have Their Own Kids, Our Support Disappears

Too often, the trauma young people have experienced in foster care is assumed to be healed when they have children, writes Vivek Sankaran.

Finding Safety Through Roots


Building Strong Support Networks for Better Mental Health

Foster care and homelessness have played a huge part in my mental health struggles and how I choose to manage them, writes Nelly Braxton.

Mental Health Needs to be a Priority in Foster Care


Mental Health Needs to be Treated as a Priority in Foster Care

Trauma and mental illness seem to go hand in hand with foster care, writes Michael Fulcher.

As a Foster Youth, Sometimes Mental Health is an Independent Journey


As a Foster Youth, Sometimes Mental Health is an Independent Journey

When I was in foster care, managing my mental health was more difficult than one can anticipate due to lack of options, writes Nader Irsan.

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    Family First Clearinghouse Approves Two New Services, Will Reconsider Ohio Kinship Navigator


    Family Centered Treatment Gets Second Look from Family First Clearinghouse

    The clearinghouse that approves services under the Family First Prevention Services Act has agreed to reconsider a training program it downgraded last winter.  Family Centered Treatment, or FCT, which is used to train biological parents and other caregivers on the effects of trauma on children, had received transitional approval in 2019 to be among the services that states could fund under the law, which fully takes effect in all states on October 1.


    Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts

    The Imprint is highlighting each of the policy recommendations made this summer by the participants of the Foster Youth Internship Program, a group of 11 former foster youths who have completed congressional internships.


    Texas Lawmaker Wants to Require Trauma Training for Attorneys, Judges

    State Rep. Ray Lopez (D). Photo courtesy of Texas State Directory
    Tara Hutton remembers how the little girl she had been fostering for a year began acting out on the day a new social worker came to their house in Magnolia, Texas.