Trust, Talk and Teachers: Assessing Trauma Among California Youth

This summer, the California Surgeon General’s Office is set to debut a youth-trauma-informed training video for K-12 teachers.


Native Montana Lawmakers Call on State to Recognize Traumatic History of Indian Boarding Schools

A state senator with firsthand experience in American Indian boarding schools has introduced a joint resolution calling on the state legislature to recognize the history of these institutions and the trauma they caused generations of Indigenous people. 

Upstream City


Upstream City: Expand Healing at the Community Level to Protect Families

A healing agenda needs to end policies that perpetuate pain and expand access to a variety of practices that combat the effects of community trauma, writes Nora McCarthy.

Upstream City


Upstream City: Narrowing Mandated Reporting Laws that Fuel Hyper-Surveillance

It’s time for New York city and state to use every tool available to replace mandated reporting with community support, writes Nora McCarthy.

How to Break Past Trauma of Foster Care


How to Break Past Trauma

A world without foster care would not have so many children growing up with self-doubt like myself, writes Ashley Calderon.

child welfare work celebrated


Creating Space for the Pain — and Joy — of Child Welfare Work

Leaders in the child welfare legal world should foster a work culture where joy and pain can co-exist, writes Vivek Sankaran.

    child welfare work celebrated


    When Foster Youth Have Their Own Kids, Our Support Disappears

    Too often, the trauma young people have experienced in foster care is assumed to be healed when they have children, writes Vivek Sankaran.

    The Disruptive Impact on Sibling Relationships in Foster Care


    Building Strong Support Networks for Better Mental Health

    Foster care and homelessness have played a huge part in my mental health struggles and how I choose to manage them, writes Nelly Braxton.

    Mental Health Needs to be a Priority in Foster Care


    Mental Health Needs to be Treated as a Priority in Foster Care

    Trauma and mental illness seem to go hand in hand with foster care, writes Michael Fulcher.