Fostering Connections to Financial Literacy

By Anna Maier When it comes to successfully implementing legislation, the devil is often in the details. That is why a Bay Area advocacy group is making sure that foster youth get the support entitled to them by the California Fostering Connections to Success Act (AB12.)


Leveraging the Power of Caring Adults in the Lives of Foster Youth: How Relationships Can Change Lives

By Johanna Greeson A bleak portrait continues to emerge for youth who age out of foster care without connections to caring adults and with inadequate independent living skills. The field of child welfare has yet to develop an effective response to this problem.


Research Group Shopping Plan to Evaluate Impact of Federal College Grants to Foster Youths

Note: This story was updated on Aug. 7 A group of researchers has put together a plan to gauge the impact of federal college grants to current and former foster youth, and is currently seeking funding and research partners in multiple states.


The Role of Social Support in the Transition From Foster Care to Emerging Adulthood.

Many youth leave foster care with disrupted relationships with their family and others in their social networks. Previous research has documented the severe adversity that former foster youth face in the transition to young adulthood.


Predictors of Homelessness during the Transition from Foster Care to Adulthood

Youth who age out of foster care face a number of challenges during the transition to adulthood. Studies have found high rates of homelessness among foster youth who aged out of care.


What Midwest Study Data Tells us About Youth as Young Adults, Powerpoint

This report presents an interpretation of outcomes experienced by young people making the transition to adulthood from foster care. It also points out some implications for policy and practice of the varied experiences of former foster youth in transition.