Underprepared Staff Are Doing the Most Difficult Work in Child Welfare

Direct care staff who work with youth are our most immediate front line of support for youth who require additional adult intervention in school-based and residential environments. However, through no fault of their own, these individuals are on average the most undertrained, undersupervised, underpaid and seemingly undervalued paid professionals our youth come in contact with.

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Free Online Training Platform Launched for Adoption and Guardianship Workers

Two federally funded training programs on adoption and guardianship competency are now available for free to help professionals involved in finding permanent homes for children who the courts have ruled cannot return to their parents.


Los Angeles Wants to Turn More Probation Officers into Social Workers

Los Angeles County leaders want more probation officers to pursue social work degrees, and more social workers to pursue careers in probation. A motion approved by a 5-0 vote of the county’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday ordered the study of a plan to incentivize the pursuit of social work degrees by probation staff, along with recommendations for recruiting more degree-holding social workers into the department.

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New Training Available for Juvenile Justice Systems that Want to Remake Probation

A new program has been announced that is designed to help juvenile justice leaders rethink what their probation services look like and how it interacts with young people. The Transforming Juvenile Probation certificate program will be November 4-8 in Washington, D.C.


More than the Bottom Line: How a Chamber of Commerce is Helping Foster Youth Succeed

In 2013, more than 20,000 teens and young adults in Los Angeles received services through [email protected]’s Work-Based Learning Program, which provides youth in the county with subsidized work experiences and trainings.

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Annie E. Casey Foundation Expanding Youth Development Training for Juvenile Justice Management

In the past two years, the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation piloted a curriculum aimed at training frontline and mid-level juvenile justice managers on youth development, a strategy focused on building the assets of youth and families (as opposed to just seeking to address deficits).


    Buy-in From Child Welfare Agencies Needed to Combat Human Trafficking

    Due to their emotional vulnerability and lack of general stability, children involved with the child welfare system are more likely to be targeted by human traffickers, according to a recent report from the Children’s Bureau.


    Don’t Expect Training to Solve Shortage of Quality Foster Homes

    In “California Bill Aims to Create Better Foster Homes,” Holden Slattery reports on new legislation (AB 507) that would require social workers to help foster parents develop training plans tailored to the needs of the children in their homes.

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    New CHAMPS Campaign to Focus on State-Level Foster Care Improvement

    A large group of funders, advocates and service organizations are spearheading a new campaign to improve the quality of the foster care system in dozens of states. Children Need Amazing Parents, or CHAMPS, will focus its money and energy not on recruiting more foster parents, but rather on improving the existing network of homes.