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Path to Federal Foster Care Prevention Funds Overlooks Tribal Programs, Experts Say


Path to Federal Foster Care Prevention Funds Overlooks Tribal Programs, Experts Say

Tribal communities often utilize time-tested practices to heal families, which don't always align with the Western scientific standards that pave the way to federal foster care prevention funding.

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Michigan Settles With Catholic Foster Care Charity But Affirms Commitment to LGBTQ Community


Early Child Welfare Legal Help Comes Back to The City That Invented It

On June 15, the Michigan Supreme Court announced a pilot project that in its first year will provide $700,000 to two organizations to provide pre-petition legal counsel to families.


Child Representation Bill Heads to Wyoming’s Governor; Advocates Hope to Resurrect Parent Representation Bill in the Future

On Monday, a bill to move the Wyoming Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) program out of the Office of State Public Defenders to its own entity passed its final hurdle in the state House of Representatives before heading to the governor’s desk.


Two Legal Representation Bills Will Be Considered During Wyoming’s Legislative Session

On Friday, the Wyoming Judiciary Committee voted in favor of a state-level office tasked with providing legal representation to parents involved in child welfare proceedings. There is momentum growing around the country to connect parents with counsel, fueled in part by a new offer of federal funds for that effort and recent research on the positive impact of quality representation.


New Federal Law Could Mean Cuts for California’s Child Welfare Systems

Layoffs and spending cuts could be on the horizon for some of California’s largest county child welfare systems amidst a major shift in how the federal government finances child welfare. Earlier this month, a delegation of California county child welfare directors departed Washington, D.C.,


Bill to Overhaul Child Welfare Funds Will Move in Both Chambers

The slightly re-named Family First Prevention Services Act, an overhaul of federal child welfare financing aimed at supporting more efforts to prevent foster care placements, will likely be introduced next week in both the House and Senate.


    Jurisdictions with Flexible Federal Funds Can Better Invest in Families and Communities

    When a child welfare agency determines that a child is “unsafe” or the juvenile justice system determines a youth is “too dangerous,” he or she is often taken out of their home and placed in a foster care or group home setting.