Children Need Community Centers, not Detention Centers


How Therapy Can Be a Form of Healing for Foster Youth

Due to stigma around therapy, I denied myself help that could’ve made such a difference, writes Thalia Bernal.


California Expanding Job Training to Systems-Impacted Youth, Replicating Successful Los Angeles Model

Following a model out of L.A., community-based organizations in California combine federal job training funds with other essential services for young people leaving foster care or probation — including housing and education support.

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Adoption-Competent Therapy Teaching Clinic Planned for 2023


Adoption-Competent Therapy Teaching Clinic Planned for 2023

The Center for Adoption Support and Education plans to launch a teaching clinic so more professionals can provide adoption-competent therapy.


New York City Foster Youth Have a Stage, Healing Space with “Foster Care Unplugged”

A group actors who have experienced the foster care system take to the stage this weekend in "Foster Care Unplugged, The Stage Play Part Two."

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The ‘20s and Youth Services: A Guess at What Comes Next

The last calendar year of the ‘10s has come and gone, and the fields of child welfare and juvenile justice move on to a new decade. For the past two weeks, The Imprint has counted down some of our top storylines from 2019.

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Seeks Extension on Adoptee Well-being Survey


The First Twelve Models That Could be Cleared for Family First Act Funding

The Children’s Bureau released a slew of information on the Family First Prevention Services Act late last week, including the most anticipated info: A list of the first programs and models to be considered for the law’s newly established clearinghouse.


    Philadelphia Uses Flexible Cash to Test Storied Child Abuse Prevention Program

    In March of this year, the national Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities released its 150-page final report. The President and party leaders from both the House and Senate appointed this 12-member group in 2012 and tasked them with bringing forth recommendations for eliminating abuse- and neglect-related child deaths in America.


    Nontraditional Trauma Therapies for Youth: A Review and Synthesis

    A new white paper from Upbring, a Texas-based social services provider, explores whether four nontraditional therapies can be effective in treating trauma experienced by children. According to the authors, eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), animal-assisted therapies (AAT), creative-arts therapies (CAT), and movement-focused therapies (MFT) have often been utilized by clinicians to help children deal with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and other trauma-related issues.

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    Live from NPJS: Day Three of Juvenile Justice Conference Week

    Greetings from Pittsburgh! From the desert heat of Phoenix, we descend out of the sky on rainy Iron City for the National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS) annual symposium. This is leg two of Youth Services Insider’s juvenile justice two-step.