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Long-Term Contraception Has Great Potential in Helping Foster Teens

When a teenager in foster care gets pregnant, the child welfare system has failed. The barriers to future education and employment for these young people are bad enough without the added burden of a baby.


Teen Pregnancy Among Youth in Foster Care

Teen pregnancy and parenting are associated with a host of negative consequences for young parents, and the incidence of teen pregnancy tends to be higher for youth in foster care. In “Cause for Concern: Unwanted Pregnancy and Childbirth Among Adolescents in Foster Care,” an article published in Youth Law News, author Jennifer Friedman reports on a project initiated by the National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) to examine the problem of unwanted pregnancy among youth in foster care.


Teen Pregnancy Costs California Hundreds of Millions

Teen pregnancy has always been a costly problem for everyone involved; including the taxpayers. A study released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy on April 29th, estimates that teen pregnancy costs California taxpayers $965 million a year.


Teen Pregnancy: Some Unconventional Ideas for Prevention

Yesterday, I explained why I believe we need new approaches to preventing teen pregnancy. Following are three ideas on how to do it. Family Prevention and Planning Through Birth Control Availability First let me say that I do not think that children in middle school and high school should be having sex. 


The Spear Tip of Child Maltreatment Prevention

Any serious attempt to reduce child maltreatment, and its devastating effects on countless children who may or may not interface with child protective systems, requires a clear point of entry. On Nov.


How to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Again and Again

By Lynsey Clark Alexandra Hernandez didn’t know what to do with her life when she was 15, she says. She knew what she didn’t want to do: go to school. “I was at this huge school and the teachers didn’t really care,” says Hernandez, now 19.


    California Bill Assisting Parenting Teens Passes Committee Same Week Federal Money Made Available

    California State Senate Bill 528, which aims to assist pregnant and parenting teens in foster care, passed the Human Services Committee this week, while President Barack Obama introduced a similar proposal in his Fiscal 2014 budget.


    Protecting Young Parents

    Many years ago I was asked to make a recommendation to the court about the fate of a toddler whose mother had been raised in foster care. Mother and daughter arrived at my office and immediately headed for a basket of toys.


    NYC’s Teen Pregnancy Campaign Favors Fear over Support

    by Betsy Krebs Alison came over for dinner the other night. She is 25 and works at a bank on Wall Street. She is thinking about going to graduate school, hoping to get into the field that really interests her- criminal justice.