More than 80% of Los Angeles Voters Want Better Child Care, Poll Finds

An overwhelming number of voters want local officials to invest in early childhood education, according to a poll released Tuesday by a pair of Los Angeles County advocacy groups.


Survey Underway on Foster Youth Experience During Coronavirus

Foster care researchers in San Francisco are surveying as many current and recent American foster youth as they can to find out what they need and want in the age of the coronavirus and beyond. 


Profiles in Permanency: Surveying Adoptive Families And Guardians in Vermont

The National Quality Improvement Center for Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) is a five-year project funded by the Children’s Bureau, a division of the Administration for Children and Families at the Department of Health and Human Services.


National Survey Finds Expanding Number of College Programs for Foster Youth

The number of college assistance programs for current and former foster youth is growing, but there are still major gaps in helping students access them, according to a national survey of state-run colleges.

The cover of New York City's first annual survey of foster youth


Foster Youth in New York City: Survey Shows Indifference to Structured Activities, Severe Unemployment Challenges

Nationwide, counties and states that manage foster care systems rarely conduct serious surveys of foster youth to better understand their needs and challenges. Thanks to a bill signed in late 2016 by Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City has changed that, and the results are in, and grim.


Survey: In Past Decade, Foster Care-Adoption Gains Popularity While Private Adoption’s Rep Takes Hit

In the five years between 2007 and 2012, American attitudes about adoption, and the systems that supply adoptable children, significantly dimmed. Their attitudes about the main domestic systems for adoption – private industry and foster care – dimmed by an even greater margin.


    Researchers Seeking Current, Former Foster Youths for Survey

    Current and former foster youth who are 18 years and older are invited to participate in a “resiliency” research project with Loyola Marymount University and Fostering Change. The purpose of the project is to measure how participation in the foster care system has influenced the individual’s identity, life and future goals, and to identify the factors that contribute to their resilience.


    More Americans See Foster Youths as Adoptable, But Also Delinquent

    by Rita Soronen We hear it every day. “Adopt out of foster care? No, the system is just such a mess.” Or, “I’d like to think about it, but honestly I’ve heard all these kids have problems.”


    New Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey Released

    The Dave Thomas Foundation released yesterday the results of a five-year survey of national attitudes toward foster care adoption in the United States, along with the first ever Canadian Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey.