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California Governor Names Nadine Burke Harris as State’s First-Ever Surgeon General

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) named pediatrician Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a pioneer in the study of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), as the state’s first surgeon general on Monday. Burke Harris is the founder of the San Francisco-based clinic Center for Youth Wellness, serving as its CEO for the past six years.

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Time to Put the Surgeon General in the Game

President Donald Trump is the third president in a row, in the humble opinion of Youth Services Insider, to make an interesting and exciting pick for Surgeon General. Jerome Adams, the former health commissioner for Indiana, is a young choice at age 42 with bipartisan plaudits for his connection to the community.


Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue: Prevention Should be Funded Accordingly

Unattended guns can harm your children. Guns may cause injury or death. Guns may increase the case-fatality rate of firearm suicide attempts. Imagine these phrases plastered on the box of recently purchased gun.


Surgeon General Planning Three Reports on Youth Issues

United States Surgeon General Regina Benjamin is planning to focus on a number of a youth-related issues during President Barack Obama’s second term, according to her spokesperson, Gayle Converse. “Dr. Benjamin is currently working on several documents for future release on topics,” Converse said.