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California Schools Need Better Tallies, Transparency for Foster Youth Grants

As the recently released report “The Invisible Achievement Gap” outlines, foster students require more funding and services than the typical student, and getting them this attention requires a new degree of communication and transparency in what has heretofore been a closed-book system.

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Pay for Success Watch: Solving Government Uncertainty on Structure

The potential for Pay-for-Success (PFS) models in the human services field has captured the attention of the federal government, foundations and social impact investors. But two years after America’s pioneer PFS projects began, there are fewer than 10 ventures being implemented.


California’s Katie A. Lawsuit Is a Symptom, Not a Solution for Child Welfare Woes

John Kelly, the editor-in-chief of The Imprint, along with Chronicle reporter, Jeremy Loudenback, recently posted a well-written trilogy of articles discussing in detail the 12-year saga of the Katie A. v Bonta litigation in California.


Feds, And A Few Locals, Start to Fund Counsel for Unaccompanied Minors

In an attempt to fill one of the most glaring gaps in the ongoing crisis with unaccompanied minors at the border, the federal government and some local funding sources have begun to spend money on legal assistance for unaccompanied minors.

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About $1.3 Million Coming for Alternatives to Lockup in Hawaii

Expect a small allotment of funds to come online in the near future in the Aloha State. An act signed into law by Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) last month pushed policy reforms aimed at reducing the amount of juveniles sent to the state’s Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility (HYCF).


House, Senate Committees Make Deal on Adoption Incentives

Key House and Senate Committees have agreed on legislation that would renew federal adoption incentives, require states to count failed adoptions, and prohibit states from using long-term foster care as a viable form of permanency for most teens.


    Call for Performance-based Child Welfare Contracts in Los Angeles

    The dean of the University of Southern California School of Social Work is pushing the Los Angeles County Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection to consider performance-based contracting and to retain relationships with community-based service providers as part of its final recommendations for the L.A.


    California Advocates Push Equal Financial Support for Kinship Caregivers

    A group of child welfare advocates is urging California to level out assistance to relatives caring for children who are removed from their homes. California is the last remaining state that provides no foster care support at all to relatives of children who are not eligible for federal foster care support, according to John Burton Foundation Policy Director Amy Lemley.


    With School Funds for Sex Ed Depleted, Nonprofit Works to Fill the “Black Hole”

    by Sarah Benjamin University of California-Berkeley senior Hilary Vansell knows how difficult it is for teenagers to access accurate information about pregnancy prevention.  She has been dispelling myths and raising awareness about contraception in Oakland public high schools as a peer health educator since she was a sophomore.