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Advocates for Special Needs Kids Seek Urgent Court Order on In-Person Teaching

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner. Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Unified School District
After months of urging one of the nation’s largest school districts to safely provide quality in-person learning to the thousands of special needs students who get little from online instruction, children’s rights groups on Friday went right to the California Supreme Court and filed a lawsuit to make it happen pronto.

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Focus on At-Risk Students’ Basic Needs, or Lose Them, UCLA Expert Advises

“We are at risk of losing an entire generation of young people.” UCLA education professor Tyrone Howard made this bleak prediction at a virtual public meeting Wednesday while discussing Los Angeles County youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems who are heading back to upended schools during the disruptive storm of the coronavirus.

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For Kinship Caregivers, No Good Options for Back to School

Gail Engel and her husband Joe are the primary caregivers for their grandson, who has special needs. Photo courtesy of Gail Engel
Like many working caregivers, Gail Engel of Loveland, Colorado, sees few good options for the fall.


Special Education Students Still Waiting for Help as New School Year Starts

As a new school year starts, parents and educational advocates say there are too few plans in place for students with special needs.


Advocates Fear COVID-19 is Leaving Foster Youth Further Behind in School

When the coronavirus forced Minnesota schools to shift to distance learning in March, the transition from the classroom to not seeing his classmates anymore proved jarring for 6-year-old Cree, who Jon and Helen Tracy took in from foster care two years ago.

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COVID-19 Tears Through Family with 18 Children

By the time Brittany Jencik, 49, got the call confirming that she had tested positive for COVID-19, the sickness had already spread to her 63-year-old husband, Barry and their children – all 18 of those living at home.


    Shut in At Home, Foster and Adoptive Parents Look Online for Support

    With coronavirus exploding in the world around them, millions of parents are discovering just how difficult long days and nights holed up indoors with kids can be. For New York foster and adoptive parents, like Martha Hornthal, their children’s first week of distance learning has sometimes felt not just isolating and wearying – but bordering on the impossible.


    In California, Cautious Optimism About Better Collaboration on Kids Under Newsom

    California advocates and policymakers are guardedly hopeful that the new governor will walk the walk when it comes to responding to child trauma and mental health challenges for children in the state.


    The Need to Align Values of Schools, Family Services Providers

    Opportunities abound for educators and nonprofit partners in California to align values between schools and community partners. With the adoption of the local control funding structure, California began to require each school district to create a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) responsible for ensuring the academic growth of students with disabilities and addresses the unique needs of students who live in poverty, students who are English language learners and students who are in foster care.