South Los Angeles


Placing Food Justice Before Criminal Justice

On the corner of Vermont and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. in South Los Angeles, you will find a McDonald’s, a Carl’s Jr., two take-out pizza chains, two Chinese food chains, Louisiana Fried Chicken, a donut shop — and an urban farm.


Can Churches Help Supply the Foster Homes L.A. County Needs?

At Holman United Methodist Church in South Los Angeles, Pastor Kelvin Sauls and the church’s congregants have for years positioned themselves to help young people in foster care. The help has come in many forms, including serving Thanksgiving dinners and furnishing an apartment for transition-age foster youth, said Pastor Sauls.


Weingart Foundation Shifts Giving to Focus on Equity in Southern California

Last month, the Los Angeles-based Weingart Foundation released an update to its giving philosophy centered on efforts to mitigate systemic inequity in southern California. The Weingart Foundation has historically structured its charitable giving to support those nonprofits serving the underserved in the areas of human services and education through unrestricted operating grants and smaller program-specific grants.


In South Los Angeles School for Advocacy, High Schoolers Share Personal Stories

Tenth graders Karolyn and Jonathan stood at the front of their English classroom, presenting to a group of strangers about what it was like to begin learning English a mere four and five years earlier when they were in middle school.


Americanization, Latino Families and the Future of Foster Care

Latino families come to this country for a new life, but two generations later, many are struggling and their children increasingly end up in foster care.  By Daniel Heimpel  It is a cool winter night as Elba Covarrubias, a 30-year-veteran of Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), cuts the dark of poor, suburban and largely Latino Pacoima with the bright beams of her big blue 1987 Mercury Marquis station wagon.