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South Carolina Juvenile Justice Leader Quits After Months of Pressure


South Carolina Juvenile Justice Leader Quits After Months of Pressure

The leader of South Carolina’s juvenile justice agency is stepping down after more than four years running the long-embattled department.

South Carolina Juvenile Justice Leader Quits After Months of Pressure


Juvenile Justice Chief Under Fire in South Carolina

The head of South Carolina’s Department of Juvenile Justice took a blow last week when the state Senate gave him a vote of no confidence.


Religious Discrimination Case Moves Forward in South Carolina

A Catholic mother’s lawsuit alleging bedrock religious discrimination by South Carolina’s largest child-placement agency with the blessing of state and federal officials may proceed, a federal judge ruled this week, rejecting calls to throw out her case.


Mike Leach’s Plans to Turn Around South Carolina Child Welfare

Mike Leach can’t resist a good court-enforced child welfare settlement. He spent about 12 years working for Tennessee’s child welfare agency, the Department of Children’s Services, rising through the ranks until he became the director of performance and quality improvement.

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Struggling Under Child Welfare Lawsuit Settlement, South Carolina Hires a Leader Who Just Helped End One

South Carolina’s child welfare system is struggling to meet its goals under a class-action lawsuit settlement brought by Children’s Rights, a nonprofit litigator based in New York City. Tennessee recently exited such a settlement with the same organization after a nearly two-decade roller coaster ride.


Trump Administration Grants Waiver Permitting Discrimination by Child Welfare Providers

The Trump administration has granted South Carolina an exception to rules barring federal funds to discriminatory providers, a decision that opens the door to more challenges by states that wish to shield religious groups from penalties.



    A Cheaper Preservation Approach to Keep Babies Exposed to Opioids with Mom

    In hospitals across the country, the standard procedure for babies exposed to opioids can best be described as “wait and see.” Newborns are often kept in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), to see if they experience the extremely painful withdrawal symptoms related to Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

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    South Carolina, Under Lawsuit Settlement and Needing 1,500 Foster Homes, Could Become 20th State To Create Ombudsmans’ Office

    South Carolina is set to become the 20th state to establish an autonomous office to hold its child welfare agency accountable. If Gov. Henry McMaster (R) signs the bipartisan S. 805, the Palmetto State will establish a new Department of Children’s Advocacy using funds transferred from the agency it will monitor, the Department of Social Services (DSS).


    Casting Calm: Nonprofit Uses Fly Fishing to Connect Foster Youth to Outdoors, Inner Peace

    Jess Westbrook’s panic attacks began with the birth of his son three years ago. He felt overwhelmed by a lack of sleep and worried about his son’s future. His anxiety relief came in an unlikely place.