Sokhom Mao


Oakland Former Foster Youth Named White House Champion of Change

It was just an ordinary day at the office until Sokhom Mao noticed an email in his inbox from the White House. Three weeks later, he was on a plane traveling from his home in Oakland, Calif., to Washington, D.C., to be honored as a 2015 White House Champion of Change.


Former Foster Youth Take Politics Into Their Own Hands: Sokhom Mao

This story is the second part of a series about former foster youth who are now working to change policy. The first part can be seen here. Sokhom Mao shows me the 11th floor of Oakland City Hall, where he chairs meetings for the Citizen’s Police Review Board, an entity that works between community members and police officers to ensure police accountability and improve police services.


Former Foster Youth Makes bid for City Council Seat Official

A handful of supporters followed 26-year-old Sokhom Mao into Oakland City Hall last Wednesday to watch the young advocate make history. With a stroke of a pen on the required registration forms, Mao became the first former foster youth to run for City Council in the city’s history.


Foster Youth Leader Running for Oakland City Council

Twenty-six-year old Sokhom Mao has decided to run for Oakland City Council’s second district seat. While there is still ample time before the July 1st 2014 filing date, the former foster youth and current commissioner on both the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission and the Oakland Citizen’s Police Review Board plans to amass a “war chest” going into next year’s election cycle.

Sokhom Mao


Sokhom Mao: Child First Leader

What makes a person so passionate about foster youth? In a series of interviews, The Imprint tells you what makes these people superstars in the world of child welfare services. This week we talked to Sokhom Mao who is on the Board of Directors for California Youth Connection.