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Results in Social Worker Exams Reveal Stark Racial Disparities

New data shows racial disparities in who passes the standardized test to become a licensed social worker in the U.S.

Parental Rights for Those Involved in Foster Care


The Costs of a Failing System

We use taxpayers dollars to fund a system that is morally bankrupt, where children and social workers suffer, writes Kenyon Lee Whitman.

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Kentucky Social Workers Get 10% Pay Hike Amid Job Exodus


Kentucky Social Workers Get 10% Pay Hike Amid Job Exodus

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced earlier this month that thousands of the state's essential social workers would receive a 10% pay bump


Blaming the Workforce is Easy and Useless. Bettering It Is Hard and Transformative.

Early in my career, a supervisor told me that the dirty little secret in child welfare was that the system tends to reward those who persevere in their jobs by pushing them further away from kids and families.


Deaths from COVID-19 Shake Up Colleagues in Los Angeles Child Welfare Agency

Margie Roman with her granddaughter Jessica. Photo courtesy Jessica Roman
Like many families served by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, Margie Roman — a longtime employee of the child welfare agency — stepped up to help raise two granddaughters when the girls needed a stable home.


Arizona Child Welfare Investigators Fired for ‘Professional Kidnapper’ T-Shirts

Several county workers investigating allegations of abuse and neglect in some of Arizona’s most struggling communities were reportedly fired last month, after they wore bright pink T-shirts to work declaring themselves a “professional kidnapper.”


    Even with More Protective Supplies on the Way, Coronavirus Confusion for Los Angeles Social Workers

    As Los Angeles County’s Department of Children and Family Services awaits more protective gear for its thousands of social workers, a state directive to child welfare agencies has created tension about how employees will remain protected from coronavirus on the job. 


    L.A. Child Welfare Social Workers Conducting Home Visits without Protection Against Coronavirus

    As first responders face a growing shortage of protective gear, social workers across sprawling Los Angeles County have continued to make visits to the homes of children and families in the child welfare system — at times without masks or gloves, according to social workers with the county’s Department of Children and Family Services.


    Los Angeles Wants to Turn More Probation Officers into Social Workers

    Los Angeles County leaders want more probation officers to pursue social work degrees, and more social workers to pursue careers in probation. A motion approved by a 5-0 vote of the county’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday ordered the study of a plan to incentivize the pursuit of social work degrees by probation staff, along with recommendations for recruiting more degree-holding social workers into the department.