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Pay-for-Success Watch: Youth Advocate Programs Enters the PFS Fray

Youth Services Insider has learned that Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), one of the few national providers of community-based programs for juvenile offenders, has entered into its first pay-for-success (PFS) venture. The Harrisburg, Penn.-based

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Social Impact Financing’s First Flop

Way back in 2012, in one of our first Youth Services Insider columns, we discussed the potential "Dawn of the American Social Impact Bond" as interest in the concept spread from across the pond.


Pay-For-Success Firm Names New Co-Presidents

Note: This story was updated on June 4 Third Sector Capital Partners, a major intermediary for pay-for-success projects in the United States, has named two co-presidents from within its ranks to assist founder and CEO George Overholser.

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Pay for Success Watch: NCCD Will Assess Projects in Conn., Calif., and Wisc.

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency announced three projects to study the feasibility of pay-for-success (PFS) projects in Connecticut, California and Wisconsin. PFS projects shift the burden of social investment off the government and onto private investors.


Researchers Examine the Realities of Social Impact Bonds

As The Imprint continues to follow the development of Pay for Success (PFS) projects (also known as Social Impact Bonds), other interested parties have begun to take notice as well. There have been a number of recent reports published on PFS, including the examination of winning federal grant applications, The Imprint reported on late last year.

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Pay For Success Watch: NCCD Funding Partners in Development of PFS Ventures

The National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD), an emerging leader in the Pay for Success movement, has issued a request for proposals for technical assistance related to feasibility studies for new projects. 

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    Pay For Success Watch: Salt Lake City Looking For Another Pay For Success Project

    The Salt Lake County Council has approved Mayor Ben McAdams’ request to advance $150,000 from next year’s regional-development budget to begin the initial phases of another Pay for Success (PFS) project.

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    Pay for Success Watch: Illinois Selects Providers for “Crossover Youth” Venture

    “Pay for Success Watch,” a regular column in which we will keep subscribers up to date on pay for success (PFS). PFS projects, which are often referred to as social impact bonds as well, use private capital to address some of the most persistent and complex social issues.