Silicon Valley


Hack Foster Care Summit is about Solutions

What if our foster youth knew, with certainty, they could get a job after they completed school? What if they could curate their own network of trusted advisors to reach out to in times of need?


Silicon Valley Tech Leaders Inspire Our Hearts

There’s more to Silicon Valley than just tech IPOs, self-driving cars or the best smart device. The great leaders of Silicon Valley also care deeply about their community and the children who are most vulnerable, particularly foster youth.


Permanency in the News

Permanency in the News is a weekly email roundup of media stories on permanency in child welfare curated and distributed by Dr. Greg Manning. Below you will find this week’s edition.


Silicon Valley Mobilizes to Hack Foster Care

Early next year, when it hosts its own “Hack Foster Care Summit,” Silicon Valley will pick up the baton in the third leg of what is becoming a national effort to better use technology to improve the lives of children and youth in foster care.


New York Hackathon Unites Foster Youth and Technology

It’s a crisp December day, and the city is bustling. The crowds move slowly, weaving between twinkling lights and ornate window displays, humming with the promise of the upcoming holiday season.


STEM Internships Help Foster Youth Break into High-Tech World

Santa Clara County, Calif., is located in the heart of sunny Silicon Valley, where, as former president Bill Clinton put it in opening remarks at the July 2015 Clinton Global Initiative meeting: “Believe it or not, not everyone is rich.”