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Healing Provided on a Texas Ranch for Men and Boys Who Have Survived Sex Trafficking


Healing Provided on a Texas Ranch for Men and Boys Who Have Survived Sex Trafficking

In Texas, a novel residential program provides young men who have survived sex trafficking with health care, legal help and animal therapy.

Advocates Address ‘Sugar’ Dating, a New Way to Lure Young People into Sex Trafficking


Advocates Address ‘Sugar’ Dating, a New Way to Lure Young People into Sex Trafficking

Youth Voice writer Nelly Braxton gathered statements from professionals and a survivor of sex trafficking to illuminate how sugar dating can lead to trafficking.

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A Shaky Start for New Data on Sex Trafficking Victims, Prenatal Drug Exposure

The federal government’s annual Child Maltreatment publication, released last month, showed a continuing trendline on the report’s central issue. The number of child maltreatment investigations has risen by nearly 10 percent since 2014 – the amount of documented abuse and neglect from those investigations has also increased, but only by about half of 1 percent.

Top Maryland Court Offers Hope to Hundreds in Adult Prison for Crimes Committed as Kids


Protecting Runaway Foster Youth: Without Warrants, What Comes Next?

At 15-years old, Sarah* had already moved between a handful of New York City’s foster care agencies. She was a victim of sex trafficking, an illicit industry that disproportionately targets children in the child welfare system.


Hundreds of Trafficked Girls, Thousands of Child Welfare Referrals

In Los Angeles, 85 percent of the youth picked up by law enforcement in sex trafficking raids have a history with child protective services, according to a new report that provides details on how the county serves exploited youth in the wake of new California laws.


Sex Trafficking Re-entry Programs Must Involve the True Experts: Survivors

A dozen foster parents surround the table at the mandated Foster Care Child Sex Trafficking class, listening with perked ears to the class leader. She is a survivor of early childhood sex trafficking.


    Life After ‘The Life’: Putting Families Back Together After Children are Trafficked

    On Monday nights, a small group of parents gathers on the campus of the University of California-Davis. Each would give anything not to be there. What binds this group together is among every mother and father’s deepest fears.


    How to Scare a Predator: Neutering the Sex Industry One Buyer at a Time

    Much of the advocacy and public health response to commercial sex and exploitation is focused on the victims, the majority of whom are female. But there is another way to address the issue, and that is to reduce demand by intervening with the pursuers of paid sex, a group almost entirely made up of men.


    San Francisco Public Schools Include Human Trafficking in Health Curriculum

    The first day of October 2015 was a good day for Chris Pepper. As content specialist for health programs at the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), Pepper and his team had been working on a revised health education curriculum for the city’s high school students when news broke that California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 329.