Senate Bill 12


Bill Expanding Support for Calif. “Crossover” Youth Clears Assembly

An effort to extend financial support to California’s probation-involved foster youth cleared another legislative hurdle yesterday when Senate Bill 12 was unanimously approved by an Assembly committee. In one of its final pushes, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed the bill in a 10-0 vote.


Bill That Would Close Loophole for Crossover Youth Advances

A California Senate bill aimed at boosting benefits to foster youth involved with the juvenile justice system was amended on Tuesday to ensure that those youth who were in secure confinement on their 18th birthday would not be stripped of extended foster care benefits.


Bill to Extend Foster Care Benefits for Probation Youth Clears Calif. Senate Committee

By Sawsan Morrar The California Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a bill to widen the door on extended foster care to probation-involved youth yesterday. Senate Bill 12, introduced by Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) would make sure foster youth who were in a locked facility on their 18th birthday and larger numbers of youth who are involved with the probation system can access foster care benefits from age 18 to 21.


Angel Enters Foster Care through Probation’s Door

A 20-year-old’s saga of abuse, incarceration and heartache illuminates the shadowy intersection of child welfare and juvenile justice. “Like a picture in a magazine.” That’s how Angel’s mother Leah wanted their small townhouse in Pacifica, California, to look.