Louisiana fails to ban corporal punishment in schools


Louisiana Tries — and Fails — to Ban Corporal Punishment in Schools

The latest effort to ban spanking and other forms of corporal punishment in Louisiana public schools once more failed to get enough votes to pass. The state House voted 48-49 last week, five short of the number required to pass the bill, which was authored by Republican Rep.

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California Cleared to Use Medicaid for School Testing

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Gov. Gavin Newsom of California – not to mention frustrated students and exhausted parents – got some good news Wednesday on the school-reopening front.  Two days after Newsom (D) announced a budget deal aimed at incentivizing public schools to start reopening for in-person learning by the end of the month, the federal government approved the state’s request to use federal Medicaid funds to test low-income students enrolled in the state’s Medi-Cal health insurance plan for COVID-19.


Oakland Schools Chart Course for Police-Free Future

Desiree McSwain-Mims at a Black Organizing Project rally on June 5, 2020. Photo by Ryan Sin
Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Desiree McSwain-Mims got pegged a troublemaker in second grade.


In Los Angeles, Demands for Youth Development Take on New Urgency

For young people like Zahria Thomas, schools are too often places where black and brown youth are seen as threats, not as students. When she was 16, the Inglewood resident was arrested at her Los Angeles high school, in front of her classmates, after she responded angrily to a teacher’s racist remark.


Gavin Newsom, California’s Family Man

On Monday, Gavin Newsom was sworn is as California’s 40th governor. He is the father of four young children, one of whom ended up stealing the show. At one point during Newsom’s 20-minute address his youngest son, 2-year-old Dutch, toddled up on stage.

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Los Angeles Eyes Chicago Program as Replacement for Voluntary Probation

As the Los Angeles County Probation Department dismantles a controversial shadow probation program in schools, some county education officials worry that they will be left with fewer resources to work with young people who misbehave at school.


    In the Land of Startups and Stanford, Where’s the Support for Kids?

    We made a family move to Palo Alto, California, nearly three years ago, when our daughter Zoe was 13.  Relocation is hard, especially when you love your home and we loved New Mexico.


    The Need to Align Values of Schools, Family Services Providers

    Opportunities abound for educators and nonprofit partners in California to align values between schools and community partners. With the adoption of the local control funding structure, California began to require each school district to create a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) responsible for ensuring the academic growth of students with disabilities and addresses the unique needs of students who live in poverty, students who are English language learners and students who are in foster care.

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    “The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline”: Report Highlights Schools’ Role

    When Sasha was in high school, she was raped. Two years later, she had dropped out of high school and was arrested on petty theft charges. According to a recent report entitled “The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls’ Story,” Sasha’s experience at school in the assault’s aftermath was the catalyst for these consequences.