San Bernardino County


How One County is Working Together to Address Young People at Risk of Suicide

In San Bernardino County, a largely rural, high desert community of about 21,000 square miles that boasts nearly 2.2 million residents, we really struggle to coordinate help for children and youth experiencing suicidal ideation due to the lack of psychiatric services available in our area.


Despite Controversy, Kamala Harris Made Youth Justice a Priority in California

Back in 2015, when serving as the attorney general of California, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris decided to make justice for children a priority of her office’s work.


Hearings: From a Journalist to a Child Welfare Judge – Let Us In

The rules around media access in child welfare courtrooms vary widely state by state and even county by county. In California, members of the media are generally considered parties with direct and legitimate interest in courtroom proceedings and granted access on those grounds.


L.A. County Looks to Start Camp for Grieving Children

Every year, 40 young campers in Loma Linda, Calif., face their fears by going through a Grief Maze. The children — ages 10 to 16 — must contend with an obstacle course, rope climbing and dense fog from dry ice that’s meant to mimic the haze of emotions often felt after the loss of a loved one.


California Bureau of Children’s Justice Launches Five Investigations

More than a year after creating the Bureau of Children’s Justice, California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced five investigations across the state, including examining how counties report child abuse, excessive force at juvenile detention centers, the actions of school police and school discipline practices for special education students.


Out of County, CA: L.A. Kids Head East to Mrs. J’s House

Los Angeles County’s aim to place foster children in homes within their own communities is often thwarted by the stark reality that those communities lack sufficient foster beds. Economics make it so that many times the only suitable placement for an L.A. youth...


    Hope for Some Foster Youth on the Bubble

    Two of California’s most populous counties announced recently that they will protect services for foster youths caught in a legislative loophole, but another – San Bernardino County – says it simply cannot afford to shoulder the financial cost.