The False Representations of Foster Youth in Television and Cinema


In Pushing through Life’s Difficulties, “Incapable” Youth Can Reach New Heights

When labeled "incapable," it can be difficult to envision a better future, writes Sophi Marsaw-Nevarez.


Bill to Prevent California Foster Youth From Aging Out During Pandemic Moves Forward 

California legislation that would have permanently extended foster care payments and housing benefits to young adults through age 25 has now been scaled back to a short-term support plan triggered by a state of emergency such as the current coronavirus pandemic.


In Sacramento, Youth Activists Push to Get Police Out of Schools

As a 10th grader at Sacramento’s Luther Burbank High School, Stephanie Lopez remembers when she saw a school resource officer treat her brother like a criminal. Her brother had bumped into the officer and apologized, Lopez said.


Three Bright Spots in California’s Fitful and Failing Implementation of a Federal Law Aimed at Lifting Foster Students’ Academic Horizons

  In the eastern suburbs of Sacramento County, Kamika Hebbert keeps a watchful eye for signs of how an unstable environment affects young minds. There’s the restlessness that comes with worry about biological parents and siblings.


New Federal Law Could Mean Cuts for California’s Child Welfare Systems

Layoffs and spending cuts could be on the horizon for some of California’s largest county child welfare systems amidst a major shift in how the federal government finances child welfare. Earlier this month, a delegation of California county child welfare directors departed Washington, D.C.,


After 15 years in Prison, Freedom for California Man After Judge Overturns Shaken Baby Conviction

After 15 years in prison, Sacramento man Zavion Johnson walked free on Saturday after a judge agreed to turn back a murder conviction for shaking his 4-month-old daughter Nadia to death in 2002.


    Discredited Shaken Baby Science Sent This Father to Jail for 15 Years. His Ordeal Could End This Week

    There was no doubt about the horror of the situation: a 4-month-old baby girl was dead. The question facing the jurors was less clear-cut: Was the tiny girl’s death accidental, or had she been murdered by her own father?

    A youth in juvenile detention


    California Lawyer Refuses to Allow Trump Immigration Policies to Keep Youth ‘Locked in Cages’

    In 2014, Holly Cooper received a phone call from an unnamed source warning her about the conditions of the Yolo County Juvenile Detention Center. The Sacramento-area facility was originally built to house youth convicted of crimes, but was now also receiving federal dollars to serve as an Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelter for undocumented, unaccompanied minors.


    Report: Juvenile Administrative Fees Burden Families Across California

    A lot has changed in the year since Michael Rizo was released from a Stockton youth correctional facility after serving a three-and-a-half-year sentence. “I give back to the community,” the 21-year-old Rizo said.