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Good Fortune Is Not a Solid Foundation for Child Welfare Services

Serendipity is the phenomenon of discovering something valuable that is unexpected, like a forgotten $10 bill in your jacket pocket, or finding the love of your life through a chance meeting. 


Top New York Lawmakers, Nonprofits Repeat Call For Cuomo to Release $2 Billion
Queens Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi speaks on a Wednesday morning virtual convening about why Governor Andrew Cuomo should release $2 billion in federal funding for nonprofits struggling to serve vulnerable New Yorkers during the coronavirus pandemic.


Homeless in the Washington Foster Care System: Kids Left Behind After the Last Recession

The prosperity in Seattle that followed the 2008 Great Recession led to record home sales along Lake Washington and new Teslas on the roads, but the dwindling investments in housing the state’s most vulnerable foster youth are now leaving hundreds essentially homeless in the state’s care.

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New York City’s New Human Services Chief Has Deep Roots in Child Welfare

New York City’s newly named official in charge of health and human services comes with professional experience that neither of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent appointees for the position has had: deep roots in child welfare issues.


The Complicity of Academia in Policing of Families

Academia is a space for immense learning and knowledge building. It is a place where ideas are crafted into resolutions for some of the world’s greatest concerns. Yet, because of its potential to do good, we often overlook academia’s complicity and collaboration in harmful research projects and practices.  


Federal Judge Rejects Trump Food Stamp Rule

A federal judge on Sunday threw out a Trump Administration proposal that would have cut food stamps to 700,000 Americans, including many foster youths aging out of care, at the end of the coronavirus emergency, which has put millions out of work.


Kids Accounting for Greater Share of COVID-19 Cases

Children accounted for a rising share of all American COVID-19 cases as some U.S. schools gingerly welcomed students back to the classroom this summer and fall, according to a new report by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association. 


Racial Injustice in New York State Courts: Problems ‘Extensive and Systemic in Nature,’ Report Finds
A woman and child walk past the main entrance to the Bronx Family Court building. Photo: Hiram Alejandro Durán.

Black and brown attorneys mistaken for defendants, a culture that “discourages compassionate treatment” of people of color appearing in court, a Facebook post depicting a lynching, and a host of other racial injustices are among problems “so extensive and systemic in nature” they require a wholesale overhaul of the New York state court system, an alarming report released last week concludes.


PPE Shortage was Child Welfare Workers’ Biggest Need in Early Weeks of Pandemic

Adding to the growing wave of research emerging from the early days of the novel coronavirus, the results of a survey of professionals in justice and child welfare agencies show that, like health care workers, they faced a harrowing shortage of masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment.