A Teen Remains At Large After Five Flee a Washington Youth Prison


Top Stories of 2021: Schools Ponder Discipline, The Role of Law Enforcement

As in-person learning resumed in schools, an increase in concerning incidents had some districts reconsidering their choices to remove campus police.

A Teen Remains At Large After Five Flee a Washington Youth Prison


Rochester School District Stations Police Outside Schools

School officials in Rochester, New York voted on Tuesday to station police officers outside the city’s 11 high schools when students arrive and leave their campuses each day.

As Student Struggle in Rochester, New York, Schools Consider Bringing Back Campus Police


As Students Struggle in Rochester, New York, Schools Consider Bringing Back Campus Police

Police and private security have recently been posted outside Rochester City School District schools — an arrangement that could be extended pending a decision by school commissioners.


Youth Justice Leader Brings Love for Hometown to Rochester

Kwamaine Much, 31, in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y. Photo courtesy of Much
In September, Kwamaine Much was just starting his new job in his hometown of Rochester, New York, when the need for his work as a youth advocate became all too apparent: Protesters flooded the streets chanting the name of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died after Rochester police suffocated him while he was in the midst of a mental health crisis.

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COVID-19 Tears Through Family with 18 Children

By the time Brittany Jencik, 49, got the call confirming that she had tested positive for COVID-19, the sickness had already spread to her 63-year-old husband, Barry and their children – all 18 of those living at home.

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In New York, Hundreds of 3-Year-Olds With Disabilities Are on the Brink of Losing Services

Hundreds of New York toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities may lose access to in-home speech, behavioral, occupational and other therapies next week – because the coronavirus pandemic has prevented them from getting the services approved by their local school district. 

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    Teen Arrests Are Falling Sharply Across New York This Year, After Cuomo’s Justice Reform

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Raise the Age (RTA) reform law was intended to overhaul the justice system for 16- and 17-year-olds charged with crimes — mandating a new, rehabilitation-focused network of detention facilities, court rooms and punishments for teens who are arrested.

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    New York “Raised the Age” of Criminal Responsibility this Week. It’s a Major Reform. Is the State Ready?

    New York politicians and youth advocates celebrated a major juvenile justice reform this week. The state was one of only two that treated all older teens as adults in the eyes of the law until Monday, when Gov.