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Founder of the Only Magazine By and For Parents Impacted by Child Welfare System Steps Down

Fifteen years ago, Nora McCarthy launched a unique publishing project to give child welfare-involved parents an opportunity to see their often-overlooked perspectives in print, through a magazine called Rise, which exclusively features their essays and interviews.

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Coronavirus Hits a New York Youth Group Home, and How One Nonprofit Responded

As Americans holed up last Saturday with family, doing puzzles or chatting online, teens in one New York City-area group home filed out of their bedrooms two at a time. Staff caring for the young people had been alerted Friday night that one of their colleagues tested positive for coronavirus, and a professional cleaning service had arrived to fumigate.

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Bill to Expand Contact for Parents Who Lose Rights To Kids Awaits Cuomo’s Signature in New York

New York State lawmakers approved legislation this week that would allow judges to order contact between parents and children, after the court severs the parent’s rights due to child abuse or neglect.

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Rise Magazine Releases Guide for Working with Parents Whose Children are in Foster Care

Lakisha had an idea: “Why don’t they give us a handbook?” Lindsay added: “Yeah, why am I finding out about my rights here? Now?” Both were parents with children in foster care who had joined a weekly writing group I ran at a child welfare services agency called Graham Windham.

New York City’s Getting Better at Helping Teen Moms Keep Their Kids


Teen Moms in Foster Care Have Their Children Removed at Alarming Rates. New York City’s Gotten Better at Avoiding That

As a teen mom in foster care with a baby of her own, New Yorker RaiLei Girard resolved never to become “known.” To be “known” meant possibly having her own child placed in foster care — to be accused of child neglect or abuse, then becoming “known” to a child welfare system that takes children from teen moms in foster care at an alarmingly high rate.


Heaven Sent: My Son’s Foster Mother Came Through for Us Both

The first time I set eyes on my son’s foster mother, I did not see her through rose-colored glasses — they were more like fire red! I was angry and resentful that my son had been removed from me, so I was in no mood to be friendly or forgiving.