Study finds the pandemic took a severe toll on young adults' food and housing security.


Study Finds Pandemic Has Placed An ‘Untold’ Toll on Young Adults’ Food, Housing Security

The coronavirus pandemic took an “alarming” toll on the food security, housing stability and mental health of millions of young people in the United States — especially among Black people and other people of color — according to a new study.

A vote to close Maine's youth prison was successful, but the legislation has to be signed by the governor, a former prosecutor.


Maine Lawmakers Vote to Close Youth Prison

Maine lawmakers voted narrowly to close the state’s only juvenile prison, but it’s not clear the governor, a former prosecutor, will let it happen.

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Supreme Court Says Philadelphia Violated Catholic Child Welfare Group’s First Amendment Rights

The unanimous decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia found that by requiring Catholic Social Services to approve the homes of same-sex couples, it had violated the faith-based organization’s rights.

A watchdog agency in Washington is investigating alleged maltreatment of the state's foster care youth.


Watchdog Agency Looks Into ‘Borderline Abusive’ Treatment of Foster Care Youth

The watchdog agency that oversees Washington’s foster care system is launching an investigation into the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families’ allegedly punitive treatment of hard-to-place foster youth, especially after hours.

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Data from the biennial census of juvenile incarceration was recently released.


Biennial Juvenile Incarceration Census Data Released

The latest federal numbers on juvenile incarceration have been released via the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement, a data set updated for the Department of Justice every two years by the National Center for Juvenile Justice.

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A court monitor found that Michigan's child welfare agency fell short of its goals in the first half of 2020.


Early Child Welfare Legal Help Comes Back to The City That Invented It

On June 15, the Michigan Supreme Court announced a pilot project that in its first year will provide $700,000 to two organizations to provide pre-petition legal counsel to families.


Funding, Policies for Washington’s Homeless Youth Are Not Sufficient

Young people are our most precious and vulnerable asset, and should be treated accordingly. Washington state should invest more to make that happen and remove barriers for homeless youth.

Rebecca Masterson writes we need more words than "neglect" in child welfare.


We Need More Words Than “Neglect”

Matthew Ponomarenko dropped his naked one-year-old son, Jax, in the middle of a highway. Fueled by PCP and crystal meth, Matthew chased after cars, screaming at the drivers as they drove by.

Administration for Children's Services Commissioner David Hansell said they'd seen no indicators of an increase in undetected child abuse during the pandemic.


No Evidence of Pandemic Child Abuse Surge in New York City, But Some See Other Crises For Child Welfare System

Reports of child abuse in NYC dropped after the coronavirus struck and have not returned to previous levels, but some warn of other crises.