Michigan’s Highest Court Hears Challenge to Terminations of Parental Rights


Top Stories of 2023: Timelines and Termination

A selection of The Imprint’s most impactful stories from the past year


In New York City, Housing Silos Prevent Reunification

In New York City, which rightfully prides itself on compassion and resilience, there are parents who are trying to rebuild lives with their families but are caught in the crosscurrents of temporary housing, mental health challenges, and the foster care system. 


Los Angeles County Tackles Long-Standing Problem of Parents Unable to Afford Court-Ordered Programs

State and local officials are tackling a widely acknowledged injustice in Los Angeles County's child welfare system: Making low-income parents pay for programs they need to complete to get their kids back from foster care. 

Photo of Jessica Herrera Twitchell, congressional intern advocating for expanded post-18 support for foster youth.


Child Welfare Ideas From the Experts

Congressional intern Jessica Herrera Twitchell proposes that Congress amend two federal programs for older youth in foster care.


Eighteen Months Before Losing Your Kid? California Challenges Some Child Welfare Timelines

Under a proposed law, parents would receive six extra months of reunification time if a child welfare agency failed to deliver services. 

Getting Support to Succeed After Reunification


Getting the Support to Succeed After Reunification

Because of reunification, I wasn’t able to receive the same support that those who age out of foster care receive, writes Erial Pree.

    Sibling Connections


    Sibling Connections

    My greatest difficulty in the foster care system was that I was always separated from my siblings, writes Laticia Aossey.


    Mother’s Day Celebration Outside L.A. County Jail Sends Hope to Women Inside

    Angelique Evans of the Young Women’s Freedom addresses the crowd on Friday. Photo: Jeremy Loudenback
    Dozens of women wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “Free Black Mamas” logos and shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” circled a Los Angeles County women’s jail in cars Friday, a public demonstration calling attention to the struggles of incarcerated mothers and their efforts to reunify with children placed in foster care. 

    Youth Services Insider


    Campaign Begins to Repeal Major Federal Child Welfare Law

    Artwork created for the Repeal ASFA campaign by visual artist Jahmel R.
    Activists are preparing to embark on a national campaign aimed at repealing the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), bipartisan legislation passed in the late 1990s in an effort to prevent children from languishing in foster care.