Jim Roberts


Revisiting California’s Continuum of Care Reform Initiative

About three years ago I wrote an article published by The Imprint entitled “California’s Continuum of Care Reform – Will It Produce as Promised?” So has it? The goal of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) was to reduce group home placements by shifting foster youth to family-based services.


We Have to Better Understand What Foster Parents Need

As a new leader in the child welfare space, I thought it would be worth my while to do some listening before I made any big changes. So I went on a tour all over the state of Washington.


Fewer Foster Youth, More Foster Homes: Findings from the 2019 Who Cares Project

Newly released data compiled and analyzed by The Imprint suggests that the United States is on the downside of its most recent foster care surge. For most of the 2010s, federal data showed the number of children in foster care steadily increasing after a previous decade of decline.


Top Stories of 2018: Foster Parent Recruitment and Retention

Each day for the next two weeks, we’ll count down 10 of the biggest stories The Imprint published in 2018. In each, we’ll connect readers with a few links to our coverage of this issue.


Why Keeping Current Foster Parents Can Be More Important Than Recruiting New Ones

Foster parents are the primary intervention in the lives of abused and neglected children. In order for children placed into foster care to receive the safety and stability they need to heal and thrive, available and willing high-quality families are needed.



California Hopes to Place More Probation Youth in Foster Homes Like This

Starcania Ford’s first call came not too long after she had completed two months of background checks and trainings. Could she come and pick up a young man waiting at the juvenile delinquency court near downtown Los Angeles?


    Imprint Report: At Least 25 States Have Lost Foster Care Capacity Since 2012

    The number of U.S. children in foster care has been on the rise since 2012, and most experts agree that the upward trend will continue. But how are states doing at ensuring there are enough foster homes and other placements to take these children in?