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Mimi Laver, director of legal representation projects for the American Bar Association.


Mimi Laver to Lead Child Representation in Philadelphia

After a long career leading family representation policy for the American Bar Association, Mimi Laver is returning to Philadelphia.

Extra, Extra! Here’s a Seat, but with Exceptions


Extra, Extra! Here’s a Seat, but with Exceptions

Even when former foster youth meet all the requirements for rewarding opportunities, glass ceilings and exceptions are still in place, says Youth Voice writer Aliyah Zeien.

Youth Services Insider


New Funding Rule Aims to Boost Effectiveness of Legal Counsel in Dependency Cases

In late 2018, the U.S. Children’s Bureau opened up the federal tap for an oft-underfunded corner of the child welfare system: legal counsel for parents, or children, involved in dependency court cases. 


California Courts Must Hold Some Child Welfare Hearings, Try to Continue In-Person Family Visits

California county courts must continue to hold hearings on cases where children are in foster care or have been placed in juvenile detention, and child welfare systems must try to facilitate in-person visits for separated families, according to new rules approved today by the California Judicial Council. 


The Promise of Interdisciplinary Counsel in Colorado

Caylee showed up for her first court date where the juvenile court reviewed the neglect allegations related to substance abuse filed against her by the Department of Human Services. The judge ordered a removal of Caylee’s newborn baby and placed the baby with a family friend in temporary kinship care.


Timely Permanency and the Appellate Process

The child welfare system has a problem that is rarely mentioned in the literature. Children wait too long for permanency, and the problem is exasperated by the age of the children.


    Injustice Without Objection

    For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading transcripts from child protective hearings. Hundreds of pages of transcripts. I’ve seen examples of clear legal errors. I’ve read many lines of parents’ lawyers grumbling and complaining.

    Administration for Children's Services Commissioner David Hansell said they'd seen no indicators of an increase in undetected child abuse during the pandemic.


    New York City Debates Lawyering Up Parents Early in Child Safety Investigations

    The New York City Council is considering a new frontier in establishing rights for parents accused of child abuse and neglect, over objections from Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration and child protective caseworkers.


    Hearings: A Faithful Supporter in Alameda County Court

    As a community pastor ministering to foster and probation youth in Northern California, I know how important it is for teachers, family friends, clergy, mentors and others to support these youth at dependency and delinquency juvenile court hearings.