We’re Building a New Path to Prioritize Kin

A group of child welfare leaders are developing new recommended standards for licensing and approving kinship caregivers.

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Executive Order Pledges Better Support for LGBTQ Youth


Biden Proposes Major Spending Shifts to Prioritize Kin, Foster Care Prevention

President Joe Biden released a budget proposal that included funds to prioritize kinship caregivers and prevent removals from foster care.

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Lessons from Ma’Khia Bryant’s Death: Better Housing Policy and Kinship Care Aid Can Save our Children

Sweet 16. It’s an age when many teens revel in the thought of getting a driver’s license, going to the prom or landing a first job, all sweet rites of passage that launch them into a new world of emerging independence. 


Advocates Say Families Providing ‘Hidden Foster Care’ Deserve More Guidance

Nevada is relying heavily on unsupported relatives to care for children its child welfare system do not believe are safe at home.

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Bill Seeks to Extend Help to Relatives and Kin to Prevent Child Abuse

Nearly 2.7 million children are being raised by grandparents, other relatives or close family friends and not their own parents, and some members of Congress want to prevent child abuse by giving these caregivers more help.


AARP Declares ‘Crisis’ for Kin Caregivers in New York

Older New Yorkers who care for relatives' children outside of the formal foster care system are in “crisis,” according to a new report by the state chapter of the nation's most prominent advocacy group for senior citizens.


    Kentucky’s Budget Shrunk. These Informal Foster Parents Were Left with Nothing.

    Natasha King, 46, and her two grandchildren. Photo: J. Tyler Franklin/WFPL
    Natasha King thought it would be temporary, just a few months.  When the state called in 2013 and asked if she could parent her two grandchildren, she didn’t hesitate to take in the kids she loved more than anything in the world.


    Connecticut Uses Coronavirus Relief to Provide Foster Parent Back Pay

    Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D). Photo courtesy of governor’s office
    Foster parents in Connecticut will receive a retroactive $100-a-month pay bump after the governor and the state child welfare agency decided to peel off about $1.1 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds for that purpose.


    Missouri Child Welfare Overhaul Includes Kinship Diversion, Access to Birth Documents

    Missouri has made it easier for an adult relative to temporarily look after the children of kin without legally removing them into foster care. That’s one of several substantive changes to the state’s child welfare system that Gov.