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New Hampshire Bill Paves Way for Grandfamilies Affected by Opioid Crisis

Like many grandparents in New Hampshire, Diane Yeo is starting her life over at age 57. In 2015, Yeo drove three hours to Falmouth, Mass., to pick up her grandchildren after their mother told Yeo that she needed a fix.


Blood Lines: Relatives Not Always the Best Caregivers for Foster Youth

Los Angeles’ child welfare system – like many others – has a relative caregiver program that takes effect when a child is removed from their home, notifying known relatives of the removal within a 30-day period and giving them preferential consideration for the placement of the child.


Pennsylvania County Fills Foster Family Gap with Relatives

As jurisdictions across the country scramble to find enough foster homes, one Pennsylvania county has found success by relying on relative caregivers. In Allegheny County, home to the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, a unique partnership with a private agency has led to a special emphasis on placing children with family or close family friends, yielding benefits across the child protective services system.


County Officials Still Unclear on Relative Caregiver Pay

During an important child protection meeting Monday, a deputy from Los Angeles County’s Chief Executive Office expressed concern that opting into millions of state money meant for relative caregivers could wind up costing the county.


L.A. County Weighs Accessing New Money for Relative Caregivers

Tiffany Soto knew she would have to make some sacrifices when she took in in her 3-year-old nephew Elijah in 2010. But Soto had little choice—if she didn’t take him in, foster care would.