California Passes Bill Banning Transfer of Juveniles Under 16

The California legislature has passed a bill that prevents juveniles 15 or younger from being transferred into adult court for any crime, a dramatic turnaround in a state that used to give wide discretion to prosecutors in seeking adult time for youths.


California’s Juvenile Facility Guards Might Have to Turn in Their Pepper Spray Soon

California is one of only five states that allows guards at juvenile facilities free reign to carry chemical spray to restrain youth held there. A coalition of advocates and lawmakers in the state are working on a bilateral effort to bring an end to this long-standing practice.


Young People Deserve a Second Chance

In California, young people increasingly are being treated as adults by the justice system. I was one of them. When I was 14, my friends and I got into a fight with a man in my hometown of Watsonville, California.

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Pay-For-Success Watch: Q&A With Molly Baldwin of Roca, Inc.

There are dozens of potential pay-for-success (PFS) ventures that are being gauged for feasibility, or have moved into a planning stage. But few of these projects, in which funders assume risk and taxpayers only pay if certain benchmarks are met, have actually gotten off the ground.


Fits and Starts: Two School-based Approaches to Prevent Sex Trafficking

On a late winter evening about three years ago, Barbara Hernandez stood in front of half a dozen members of the Riley Elementary School Parent Teacher Association in Long Beach, Calif.


Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Juveniles is a Deal Breaker

“Audrie’s Law” stalled in the California State Assembly’s Committee on Public Safety  this morning due to the growing opposition against the bill’s mandatory sentencing requirements for juveniles convicted of sexually assaulting unconscious or disabled victims.