Reed Connell


Realignment Reality: New Resources, New Choices

In my last piece on California’s 2011 realignment of health and human Services programs, I noted that the transfer of fiscal and programmatic responsibility from the state legislature to county boards of supervisors significantly reshapes the context in which advocates, stakeholders, and community members must pursue their goals for foster care, child welfare, and community mental health programs.


Realignment Review: New Reality for Advocates

In the first in an occasional series of posts about the implementation of California’s realignment, Reed Connell takes a look back at this complete transformation of our public policy environment…and what it all means for advocates around the state.


Sade: Many Paths to What’s Possible

In my last post, we heard Foster Youth Alliance (FYA) friend Ashley McCullough’s thoughts on effective advocacy. In this post, FYA Communications Manager Melinda Clemmons chats with Sade Daniels another inspiring young advocate.


Ashley on Advocacy: Touching All the Levers of Change

My recent posts here on The Imprint have focused on Alameda County’s AB12 Homeless Youth Demonstration Project. I’ll have more on that effort in the coming months, but I’d also like to introduce you to some of the inspiring young advocates that we at the Foster Youth Alliance (FYA) have been privileged to work alongside over many years.


Why Our Model of Alleviating Youth Homelessness Will Work in Other Places as Well

Now that we’ve discussed the background, design, and initial findings of our Alameda County Assembly Bill 12 Homeless Youth Demonstration Project, let’s take a brief look at a couple other jurisdictions in California to see what commonalities exist among older homeless adolescents and the barriers to housing stability they contend with.


The Missing Link: Free Civil Legal Advocacy for Homeless Youth

In my last post for The Imprint‘s Blogger Co-Op, I described the problem of youth homelessness in Alameda County, and introduced the Alameda County “AB 12 Homeless Youth Demonstration Project,” which is developing a new model of collaboration among public and nonprofit agencies serving older homeless adolescents.


    The Problem of Older Youth Homelessness and One Project Aimed at Solving It

    The two brothers, both teens, kept hoping their mother would pull together enough rent money to get their apartment back.  Living with their older sister in a car, they grew ever more skilled at taking care of themselves.